Funny reason Block NZ star's gaining fans

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018, 9:22AM
Block NZ mates Ben and Tom. Photo / Three
Block NZ mates Ben and Tom. Photo / Three

One of the stars on The Block NZ is quickly gaining popularity for one very unexpected reason.

It's not his building or reno skills, or even his winning TV-personality charm - it's who he resembles.

Just two episodes into the new season, Ben has delighted Blockaholics on Twitter because he looks similar to a character on hit TV series Game of Thrones.


At first, fans simply took to Twitter to point out the resemblance and find some support. 

 But now it's gone so far some fans have just changed Ben's name completely. 

Poor Ben - it can't be easy being compared to one of the worst villains in Westeros.

On the plus side, at least his Block build has a cool new name. Long live #CastleBoltonNZ