From cancer diagnosis to Survivor New Zealand

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Friday, 6 April 2018, 4:04PM

Joining the cast of Survivor New Zealand season two would be a massive challenge for anyone - but for Josh Hickford, it's the second major life change he's experienced in one year.

28-year-old accountant Hickford, from New Plymouth, was diagnosed with cancer in 2017 - and managed to make a full recovery.

He says the diagnosis was "out of the blue".

"I'd just done around the mountain in Taranaki, an two days later had the big diagnosis," he says. "It's been a bit of a roller-coaster year, and then to be here - I wouldn't say it was an amazing year, but it's quite a defining year.

"There are definitely positives [that have] come out of it - I'm alive, so that's the main one. I got through it relatively unscathed."

Hickford says a "big bubble goes over you" upon receiving such a diagnosis. "You just start noticing everything. The world just goes on - people walking, people going to work, you're wondering, 'What are they all doing?' Meanwhile you've just had this massive bang in your face.

"I said to the doc, 'is it hereditary?' and he just said, 'it's just bad luck.'"

Survivor New Zealand season two premieres 7pm, Sunday April 22 on TVNZ2.