From Auckward Love to Millennial Madness

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 19 January 2019, 12:34PM
TVNZ’s hit webseries Auckward Love might be over for now, but the co-creator Holly Shervey and director, former Almighty Johnsons star Emmett Skilton have a new project — a brand-new bite-sized social media comedy series called Millennial Jenny made for Millennials by Millennials.

The series is exclusive to Instagram, with episodes lasting about a minute. They are scheduled to be released every Sunday from February.

The pair who have been engaged since 2015, have used their own experiences to delve with humour into the topsy-turvy world of their generation. They say it reflects the unique and absurd values and life expectations of their peers.

They say the most annoying thing about Millennials are selfies, but insist their peers have the means to change the world, even though the message may be unclear because of their constant use of abbreviations.

Shervey will play Jenny, the ultimate millennial, bubbly, optimistic girl who thinks she knows what she wants and goes for it — only to find the reality much less fulfilling than the idea of it.

“I created Jenny as a way to explore my own ambitions and attitudes toward success, both the positive and the negative — and hey, you can either cry about it, or you can make content about it,” Shervey tells Spy.

Skilton directs the show as well as playing Jenny’s boss, Max.

“I am the bad guy. I challenge Jenny on her very Millennial thoughts and actions as she navigates her way through each episode,” he says.

The two have emerged as a power couple in the entertainment scene and say they are using Instagram as a way to examine how users consume this content before making Millennial Jenny into a longer form show.

“With Instagram, users scroll through their feeds for up to an hour a day, sometimes more. This quick and simple access to content is something we are really intrigued by — we want to see how a series like Millennial Jenny might live, and grow, on this platform,” says Shervey.  

The pair will be heading back to Los Angeles for part of 2019. Their first trip to Hollywood early last year formed part of the inspiration for Millennial Jenny, which is also why the characters have American accents.

“We both love American comedy shows, but also saw so many heightened examples of Millennials in Los Angeles, so combining those experiences for a new show seemed like a really great step forward,” says Skilton.

There was no word on whether this year might be the year the ultimate Millennial couple might finally tie the knot.