Foo Fighters' hilarious list of banned items

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Monday, 5 February 2018, 2:39PM

The Foo Fighters hit Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium on Saturday night, delighting thousands of fans as they rocked well into the night.

But they weren't the only source of entertainment, with a sign listing prohibited items at the show, giving plenty of fans a good chuckle.

The sign, reportedly posted outside Mt Smart Stadium, began with a fairly standard list of banned items, including large bags, chilly bins, and commercially prepared food.

But look a little closer and you'll soon spot some more bizarre items - including "unflattering photos of Ryan Seacrest" and "derogatory press clippings of Shania Twain".

Other items forbidden from the show supposedly include leg warmers, "any pencil that isn't a number two pencil" and "Cream magazines that do no mention Ted Nugent".

It's not the first time a band has hit headlines for its strict entry conditions. In 2016, Mt Smart Stadium issued a lengthy list of banned items ahead of Coldplay's show, including large backpacks, selfie sticks, umbrellas, any kind of chair, political banners or signs, glow sticks, balls, and studded belts or bracelets.

At the time, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin joked about the restrictions, saying he thought they were ridiculous.

"The truth is we want you to bring whatever you like to our concerts. I don't mind if you bring your own camel. I'm just happy you've come. We all are," he told the Auckland crowd.

"I don't mind if you bring your great-grandmother. As long as she's having fun, it's good for me, and good for (Coldplay bandmates) Johnny, Will and Guy."

There's no word on whether the band was in on the joke but there's at least one rule we don't think Dave Grohl would endorse.

The ban on "homemade nut milks" might not sit well with Grohl, who is a big fan of almond milk, once telling Empire magazine: "Here at the Grohl house, we drink a lot of the almond milk. Ever had almond milk? I believe that the milk here, the stuff we get is about $2.50."

Rain-soaked fans watch Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters on stage at Mt Smart Stadium. Photo / NZ Herald

Prohibited Items: - Bags larger than 200mm x 300mm x 200mm - Chilly bins/coolers - Commercially prepared food including takeaways - Unflattering photos of Ryan Seacrest - Cans of glass containers - Mixtapes not in CD format - Alcohol or illicit drugs - Scythes - Pirated VHS tapes of land of the lost, the series - Cream magazines that do no mention Ted Nugent - Animals (except guide dogs) - Dangerous goods - Professional audio or video recording devices - Any mention of Friendster OR Webster (starring Emmanuel Lewis) - Air horns and loud hailers - Umberellas or other sun/rain shelters - Beige or mustard coloured macrame wall hangings - Leg warmers - Selfie sticks - Skateboards, rollerblades or scooters - Free radicals (including anitoxidants or Hong Kong Phooey) - Objects that can be used as projectiles such as fireworks, glows sticks, balls and flares - Derogatory press clippings of Shania Twain - Weapons - Any pencil that isn't a number two pencil - Wallet chains - Homemade nut milks - Laser lights - Long chains or spikes of any nature - Items that in the opinion of management/security could cause harm or public nuisance