Five times Toni Street was just like the rest of us

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018, 11:03PM
Toni Street shares a mortifying tale
Toni Street shares a mortifying tale

Toni Street. She's the quintessential Kiwi girl-next-door. If the girl-next-door was a multi-talented broadcaster adored by the general public.

Street may not be on our TV screens every night anymore after quitting Seven Sharp, but the nation's TV Personality of The Year has still got a few high-profile gigs lined up, including hosting TVNZ's Commonwealth Games coverage in April.

But despite all that success, Street still has her moments like the rest of us (which is probably why the rest of us all love her). Here are five of them:

Dancing like nobody's watching

As co-host of The Hits breakfast show with Sarah Gandy and Sam Wallace, Street gets to enjoy a few tunes from the '90s 'til now – but sometimes the beat gets the better of her.

And as this wee compilation shows, her seat dancing moves are just as daggy as ours.



Mingling with the hoi polloi

Street didn't hesitate to help out her fellow NZME colleagues when Radio Hauraki's 'Foos & Weeze' party kicked off on Saturday.

With Jeremy Wells nowhere to be seen at the station's big preloading event for the Foo Fighters' Auckland gig, Street happily donned her very own Steady the Ship Captain's Hat to hang with Wells' radio co-host Matt Heath and several hundred of the band's Auckland fans.



The obsession with Cobb & Co

It would appear Street's favourite dining establishment is none other than the humble Kiwi institution that is Cobb & Co.

Such is her obsession with the home of classy treats like Cobb Crunchies and the Pink Panther mocktail, her radio colleagues surprised her with a Cobb & Co pop-up restaurant for her birthday last year. 

"Massive thank you to my amazing The Hits team for the coolest early 34th birthday party ever!" Street wrote on Instagram at the time.



The Duraseal fail

Is there anyone – ANYONE - who can cover their kids' school books with Duraseal and not make a giant hash of it?

If there is, it isn't Toni Street.

Because just like the rest of us, the whole exercise was a complete disaster as she got her oldest daughter Juliette prepared for school last month...


The duracealing is going so well.

A post shared by Toni Street (@tonimstreet) on Jan 23, 2018 at 10:42pm PST


The mortifying changing room story

Not even Toni Street is immune to the mortifying things children can come out with when they learn how to speak.

As she shared with her radio listeners a fortnight ago, Street's two-year-old daughter Mackenzie chose a choice location (a crowded public changing room at the beach) to share an "outrageous" observation – involving a naked stranger, "fur" and ... oh, the horror.