Five Kiwi stars and their health journeys

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Sunday, 11 February 2018, 11:48AM
Instagram star Riley Hemson has documented her health journey online. Photo / Instagram
Instagram star Riley Hemson has documented her health journey online. Photo / Instagram

Shortland Street newcomer Sonny Tupu has shared his weight loss story with Spy, detailing how he managed to shed more than 40kg.

Sonny joins a number of Kiwi stars who have documented their inspiring health journeys.

Brodie Kane

The Hits Christchurch breakfast presenter Brodie Kane recently shared a snap of her transformation on Instagram – but admitted it was "scary as s***".

"A HUGE thank you to @donellenutrition+ @ollyfata for helping me get into shape this year you've been amazing," wrote Brodie. "Don't ever be embarrassed/ashamed of your body."

Simone Anderson

Instagram star and fitness blogger Simone Anderson famously lost 92kg after a rigorous diet and exercise plan along and gastric sleeve surgery.

Simone frequently shares inspiring pictures of her journey with her 250,000 Instagram followers.

"Never forget: How far you've come. Everything you have got through. All the times you pushed on even when you felt you couldn't," she wrote in one post. "Pull over to the side of your journey and look how far you've come."

Duncan Garner

Broadcaster Duncan Garner spoke candidly about his health journey last year, saying he joined David "Brown Buttabean" Letele's Motivation fitness classes and reined in his diet.

Speaking to Woman's Day, Duncan said he was inspired by his classmates. "There are some really big, obese and unhealthy people with incredible stories who are trying to change their lives."

Riley Hemson

Instagram star Riley Hemson regularly updates her 90,000 Instagram followers on her weight loss journey, which saw her drop 30kg in just a year.

On body positivity, Riley told her followers: "It's not just about loving your own body but it's about accepting every body, no matter what… Every bod is hot and sexy and cute. Health is always the ultimate goal."

I was having a wee think about this whole #bodypositivity lyf we out here livin right now and wanted to share. It’s not just about loving your own body but it’s about accepting every body, no matter what. Like yeah I would never have posted this pic with my rolls and cellulite and ‘imperfections’ a year ago and I’m so proud that I can say I’m happy with where my body is at the moment and the direction in which it’s heading. This pic is realistic for me, but it might not be realistic for the next human. A super toned back is just as realistic and should be just as accepted by society. Just as legs with no cellulite should be. We have had such a push recently for the curve and I think it’s awesome, but ya know what else is awesome? No curve. Every bod is hot and sexy and cute. Health is always the ultimate goal. Do ya’ll feel me on this? Or is it just straight nonsense cause I probably have heat stroke 🙂 on that note, I LOVE SUMMER. Cash me by this pool 24/7 x

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Vaughan Smith

Last November, ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan were rocked by the revelation that once-gymphobic host Vaughan Smith was regularly going to the gym.

Producer Caitlin shared the news after Vaughan's daughter revealed his secret: "She asked what time does work start... And I said we get in at about 5 or 5.30am and she said 'oh okay, because daddy gets up at 3am and goes to the gym.'"

Vaughan revealed he had been going to the gym since July last year.