Fans hating on Jack Tame’s ‘nappy’ shirt

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Friday, 13 April 2018, 9:02AM
Jack Tame's mustard shirt. Photo / Instagram
Jack Tame's mustard shirt. Photo / Instagram

Not everyone can pull off a deep mustard colour, but by golly, Breakfast host Jack Tame gave it a good crack this morning.

This week’s stormy blast has seen temperatures quickly drop and has inspired us Kiwis to get our autumn and winter wardrobes out early.

Tame rocked a bright mustard coloured shirt on air this morning and has been slammed by viewers who claim it looks “like something you’d find in a nappy.”

Breakfast’s Instagram page posted a snap of the team, and Matty McLean’s face clearly looks utterly disgusted.

“Debate’s raging on @jack_tame’s shirt this morning. He calls it autumnal chic.”

A few comments are backing up Tame’s look saying “your shirt is so autumny and suits you👍”

“Don’t listen to anyone Jack. It’s sexy on you. They are jealous cause they can’t pull it off” says another.