Ed Sheeran's NZ tourism stuff-up

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 9:10AM

Ed Sheeran has big plans when he embarks on New Zealand's biggest ever stadium tour next year - he wants to be a tourist.

"I didn't actually get to do all of the proper tourist stuff last time," Sheeran told Newstalk ZB host Mike Hosking in a new interview.

"The name escapes me ... what's it called ... the huge f***ing lake in the South Island?"

Sheeran was talking about Lake Wakatipu near Queenstown. He also said he had plans to visit "Milton Sounds" - Milford Sound - in Fiordland.

"I was meant to go and do that last time but it was all rained off," the 26-year-old said. "I'd like to go and do that."

Sheeran is playing six stadium shows here in March and April, with three each at Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium and Dunedin's Forsyth Barr Stadium.

Once completed, the six shows will be the biggest stadium tour performed by a musician in New Zealand, topping Adele's record-breaking effort of three shows at Mt Smart earlier this year.

Sheeran told Hosking he didn't take his success for granted, but he wouldn't be worried if it all ended tomorrow.

"I never expected to be this successful, but I never want to think that it happened by accident," he said.

"When it goes away, it's going to be by choice. If it went away because someone took it from me, it would bother me. If it went away because, 'Right, I'm going to have some children now and I'm going to focus all my time on bringing them up,' I think I could deal with that."

He also discussed his recent bike accident, which caused fractures in both arms and a broken rib, and led to several concerts being cancelled.

"I've got a brace on my arm, my rib's still broken but my elbow's alright," he said.

"It always sucks having to cancel shows and it sucks having a broken arm, by and large, I'm alright ... I'm trying to keep myself busy, do interviews and make the most of my time."

And he discussed his friendship with fellow balladeer James Blunt, revealing they didn't often talk about their careers or the process of making music when they got together.

Instead, they discussed the haters.

"Me and James usually just talk about how many people hate us ... and console each other," Sheeran joked.