Rich-lister ends engagement following court drama

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 7 April 2018, 3:39PM

London-based Kiwi rich-lister Steve Owen and daughter Kimberley, 33, came home at Easter to spend time with family and friends.

The last thing either of them expected was to see Kim’s name in global headlines midway home, after she was unwittingly caught up in a smear campaign waged by the jilted former girlfriend of her ex, English property developer, 38-year-old Gregory Slade.

Before she left for London in late 2015, Kim was a regular in these pages and in January this year, Spy reported her engagement to Slade in Switzerland in December.

The femme fatale is Russian model Irina Fedotova, 33, who carried out a campaign of harassment against Slade. Fedotova admitted two charges of harassment without violence and was fined when Westminster Crown Court heard she mocked up a fake national newspaper article to smear her ex-boyfriend as a pervert, sent him suggestive texts and pretended to be pregnant.

A close family source told Spy that Kim initially tried to be understanding but has now distanced herself from Slade and is no longer engaged to the guy she had given her heart to.

“Kim has been through a very hard time with all of this negativity coming at her, she is the light of any room she goes into, people love her and the last thing she expected from her dream engagement was drama like this. Slade and Kim are no longer engaged. Kim is feeling embarrassed and very let down,” the source tells Spy.

“The family members are not going to lower themselves to comment on the court case, or Slade or Fedotova, they are a distant memory. It is an understatement to say that it had been stressful and very upsetting for Kim.

“She is loving being back home in New Zealand. The weather has been amazing, and Kim and her dad have had some long overdue catch-ups with friends and family. They went down to the bach in Pauanui on the weekend and this week are spending time in Auckland.”

We are sure that after some special times with those closest to her Kimberley will be ready to hold her head high in the upmarket London social circles in which she has become a favourite.