DWTS judges up the ante and throw their own bash

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 9 June 2018, 3:19PM

DWTS judges have teamed up to employ a PR agency — frustrated by what they believe are the lack of opportunities presented by Mediaworks, Spy understands.

This Wednesday, DWTS judges, Camilla Sacre-Dallerup, Julz Tocker and Rachel White are taking the glamour of the ballroom and throwing a party at a hip Viaduct bar.

They have got Stan PR and Myken Stewart to promote and organise the bash. Spy understands they had tried several other PR agencies as they hunted for a bigger profile on top of the connections they were getting via the broadcaster.

The judges, who have added a lot of glamour to the local scene, are describing their party as a celebration of their time on the show.

“We want to thank the fantastic cast of celebrities and professionals and let them know that whether they were in the show for a week or eight weeks, they all play a vital part and have all been a huge part of this year’s entertaining show — to simply say ‘thank you’, we appreciate you all, now let’s dance together!” Sacre-Dallerup tells Spy.

Everyone who has been involved on the show to date is invited, so some interesting interactions are bound to ensue.

The three have enjoyed becoming household names and have had great feedback and recognition on the streets, although White tells us she doesn’t get hassled at the gym as people don’t recognise her as the dolled-up version of herself portrayed on the show. People are not shy in telling the three of them who they should be scoring higher.

“The pressure is on and then it’s real survival. For some it’s been too late and for some it’s saved them and helped future performances. People must vote!” Tocker tells Spy.

Expect to see more of the glamorous trio around our shores after the show wraps up in four weeks.

“I love New Zealand and it feels like home,” says Sacre-Dallerup. “I’m working on some exciting collaborations to tie in with my wellness brand and doing projects for my self-help book Reinvent ME, hopefully to inspire people to follow their dreams and build their confidence”.

White definitely wants DWTS to lead to more NZ gigs, she has married one of us after all.

“I’m really loving this experience in NZ and I can’t wait for more ... and as for our party, we want to do it outside of the studio, where we don’t have to critique the dancers, but can just enjoy letting loose and having fun.”

A Mediaworks spokeswoman told Spy the judges had the broadcaster’s blessing for the party.