DWTS Judge Julz: 'Was that 007 or Mr. Bean?'

Gracie Taylor,
Spy News,
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Sunday, 3 June 2018, 8:44PM

Tonight's episode Dancing with the Stars was interesting to say the least with plenty of drama unfolding on the dance floor.

This week, show producers introduced a new three-person dance called a 'trio dance,' where dancers have to perform with two other people.

The competition was tight with only eight Kiwi celebrities left trying to win the DTWS crown for 2018.

Chris Harris topped the leaderboard tonight in episode 10 with 27 points. Sitting in second place is Samantha Hayes on 26 and Suzy Cato in third at 25 points.

Judges Rachel White, Julz Tocker and Camilla Sacre-Dallerup scored the 6 contestants and their dance partners as follows:

• Chris Harris, 27 points • Samantha Hayes, 26 points • Suzy Cato, 25 points • Shavaughan Ruakere, 23 points • Robert Rakete, 22 points • David Seymour, 16 points

Top moments from this evening were:

David Seymour

David Seymour on Dancing with the Stars tonight. Photo / Three

David took to the dance floor with two female partners to perform the foxtrot to 'I Just Want To Make Love To You' in a James Bond theme.

"Every little boy wants to grow up and be James Bond, even if it's just for a minute," said David in his pre-performance interview.

Fans on social media thought it was a fun and firey performance.

"I wasn't sure if you were channelling 007 or Mr. Bean. It was strange. I saw a few hiccups with steps... it's not enough for me I am sorry, said Julz.

"Tonight it looked like you were having the time of your life," said Rachel.

"That was a bit much to handle. That was the best type of camouflaging, so well done girls. David, you are always entertaining, so we thank you for that," said Camilla.

Shavaughan Ruakere

The first dancer was Shavaughan and Enrique, also known as #Shavrique.

They danced with another professional dancer called Chrystal and danced the jive to Hey Ya by Outkast.

"She is nice to me and tells me I am doing a good job when Enrique isn't looking haha," said Shav during her pre-performance interview about her new dance partner Chrystal.

Fans enjoyed the dance.

Shavaughan and Chrystal incorporated a costume change during the dance.

"That was awesome! Shav something happens when you get out there. You are a natural performer, I saw the pressure through the feet today and I am proud of that," said Camilla.

"That was a really fun routine and I loved the double death spiral... but those basics really need help," said Julz.

"I want your precision to match your performance, I think your feet were too messy," said Rachel.

Chris Harris

Chris Harris appears on Dancing with the Stars tonight. Photo / Three

Cricketing legend Chris Harris took to the floor doing the pasodoble with Vanessa and a new partner Scott who was also on the last season of DWTS.

Fans on social media loved the dramatic edgy performance.

The judges loved his performance.

"Now that is a great team! I loved it. I loved the contemporary take on it. The dangerous tricks, the choreography was really difficult. I loved the eyeliner and the man-cape, said Julz.

"I am totally impressed. It was a totally dynamic performance... you are having way more wow moments," said Rachel.

"You just take everything in your stride, Chris, I thought it was fab-u-lous," said Camilla.

Robert Rakete

Robert Rakete who performed the cha-cha to a Missy Elliot song with his third dance partner, Fabio.

Twitter thought he did a good job.

"That was a very clean, well-rehearsed performance however the hip action was lacking tonight," said Rachel.

"I think that was the most polished routine I have seen you do," said Camilla.

"That was cool, smooth and enjoyable like a fine Italian gelato," said Julz.

Samantha Hayes

Hayes danced the waltz with two dance partners, Aaron and Daniel.

Fans on social media thought it was amazing.

"That was a lovely emotional performance, I was completely drawn in. I want you to point your toes more, but this was amazing for week six," said Camilla.

"This was like a love triangle between Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione. You tend to lead with your head, you need to connect your spine," said Julz.

"That was so soft, elegant and beautiful. I am disappointed with your posture, but I love your expression," said Rachel.

Suzy Cato

Suzy danced the tango to ACDC's Thunderstruck with two male dancers.

Fans on social media were blown away by Cato's strong and scary performance.

"I think you are going to have all the men in NZ fighting over you. I am a huge fan of dominitrix Suzy," said Rachel.

"This Suzy means business, you were bossing them all over the place. That was a great dance," said Camilla.

"Mistress Cato is in the house, you were dominating the boys. Nice work baby, I liked it," said Julz.

Watch the dance floor drama unfold again tomorrow night on Three from 7.30 to see who gets eliminated from the competition this week.