DWTS: Gilda’s threat to ‘burn the house down’

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Monday, 14 May 2018, 10:15AM
Gilda Kirkpatrick. Photograph / Michael Craig.
Gilda Kirkpatrick. Photograph / Michael Craig.

Gilda Kirkpatrick is one woman we wouldn’t want to get on the bad side of – but Dai Henwood has.

The Dancing with the Stars host is taking some flak from the eliminated contestant after a seemingly snarky comment at the start of last night’s show.

Henwood opened the show with a quip about Gilda’s elimination last Monday, saying she had been “thrown back to the wild.”

Dai’s co-host Sharyn Casey looked shocked and clearly didn’t know how to react.

It obviously reached Gilda, with the Real Housewives of Auckland star taking to Twitter with a threat to “burn the f**king rigged house down”.

She wrote: “Is someone provoking me to burn the f**king rigged house down by saying disrespectful comments about me on it? Let me dwell in this situation and get back to you. Luckily I haven’t watched the bullshit because I was too busy living my life as a mother on Mother’s Day.”

Her fans have taken to social media in support of her.

It’s not the only time Gilda has fired up this season, calling out Herald reviewer Steve Braunias for calling the cast of the show “nobodies”.

“Everybody was very hurt. Everyone was talking about that article. I felt it was unfair,” she said over the weekend.

Another contestant will leave Dancing With the Stars tonight.