Did DWTS make listeners turn off The Rock?

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Publish Date
Thursday, 5 July 2018, 1:30PM

Radio Hauraki's Matt Heath and Jeremy Wells are celebrating a major win today as the pair outrated arch rivals The Rock in Auckland for the first time, as did their drive time colleagues Jason Hoyte and Leigh Hart, who host Hauraki's Bhuja!

“Auckland is a bloody tough market so for both Matt & Jeremy and Jase and Leigh to continue to get some traction over the old rival is very pleasing," said Hauraki boss Mike Lane. "We will probably break with the unwritten NZ male rule and dance the night away… but behind closed doors to avoid any possible public backlash."

The Rock lost audience in the three main centres - Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch - in the latest radio survey, which coincided with host Roger Farrelly's appearance on Dancing With the Stars.

Unlike Simon Barnett, whose twinkle-toed appearance on the reality series in 2016 boosted his popularity to an all-time high, it appears Rock listeners weren't as enamored with Rog's turn on the dancefloor.

Mediaworks group content director of music Leon Wratt said Rog did the team proud and gained listeners in the regions. 

“There was phenomenal Rock listener support regarding Roger’s involvement in Dancing with the Stars so we are really happy with his appearance on the series and he did The Rock team proud.”

Meanwhile, urban music continues to reign supreme both in the charts and on radio with Mai FM and Flava gaining 18,000 new listeners in Auckland, making Mai FM Auckland's number one music station.