Did Antonia Prebble get married?

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016, 9:25PM
Gareth Williams and Antonia Prebble. Photo / Norrie Montgomery
Gareth Williams and Antonia Prebble. Photo / Norrie Montgomery

Antonia Prebble happily posed with long-term boyfriend Gareth Williams at the Tickled premiere in Auckland last week – but might the couple be something more?

The Spy office was excited to see on Wikipedia this week that the thespian duo, who have dated for more than seven years, were married.

How did we miss this one? Had they wed under the radar?

Representatives for the second season of Prebble's TV series Westside told Spy they had not seen a ring on their star's finger.

And Prebble's agent, Gail Cowan, was as surprised as we were - but quickly quashed the rumour.

"[It] looks like a Wikipedia entry and as you well know, anyone can go in and update a profile there. [It's] not something they did personally and not accurate," Cowan said.

So who wants to see Prebble and Williams make it official? Who is the cheeky soul throwing virtual confetti over the couple? Such marital sabotage is a pesky thing to get removed online.

Prebble and Williams, both 31, would make a striking bride and groom in a women's magazine.

Their last interview together was with Woman's Day, during the first season of Westside. In that interview, Prebble confessed to being hit on by a series of men in Los Angeles at audition time, including a man in the printing shop where she was copying out scripts.

Williams was not fussed with the attention, telling the Day: "These guys were like, 50 to 60 years old and anyway, she ended up getting free printing out of the creepy printing man. That stuff is expensive, so I tell her: 'Go for gold, babe!'"

The couple spend a lot of time apart, as they traverse the globe for their profession.

"How we operate as a couple is very different from how most other people operate," Prebble told the Day.

"They wonder how it works, because they can't imagine being in a relationship where you spend so much time apart. A lot of people are surprised we're still together, but we don't see any alternative. Even when I am home, we still have our own lives and our own commitments."

So when will Williams put a ring on it? Obviously we can't wait...

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