David Seymour twerking - the dance that appalled NZ

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Monday, 11 June 2018, 9:03AM
David Seymour. Photo / Twitter
David Seymour. Photo / Twitter

We've come to expect the unexpected from David Seymour on the dance floor.

But viewers are still struggling to believe their eyes after the Act leader's performance on Dancing With the Stars last night. 

"Everyone knows there are faults in my dancing," Seymour had warned viewers. "I think people vote for us because we are having fun."

Seymour took that to an extreme last night, donning lycra and pulling out all the stops, including twerking, while doing the merengue with his partner  Amelia McGregor.

"I am going to have to erase that twerking from my mind," said judge Camilla after the performance.

Many agreed with her.

Many are surprised to see Seymour still standing after a series of haphazard and low scoring performances. He earned 15 for his meringue, the night's lowest score.