Dan the weatherman earns a ka pai from Kiwis

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Tuesday, 11 September 2018, 11:04AM

TVNZ’s weather presenter Daniel Corbett is being praised for his attempt at te reo Māori on the 6pm news last night.

Celebrating Te Wiki o te Reo Māori, Dan incorporated the language into his weather segment during the news bulletin.

Presenting his opening sentences in te reo, Dan then switched back to English after stumbling over a few words.

Having only moved to New Zealand from England in 2011, the TV presenter’s efforts have been well received by Kiwis with people on social media commending him for his efforts.

“Huge congrats to Dan the Weatherman for his te reo! Ka pai to you,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“Great te reo on @1news, and ka pai to Dan the weatherman for giving it a go,” wrote another.

“Weatherman Dan is the MAN,” shared another. “Huge respect for him for persisting through a mind blank on live telly when giving te reo a go.”

What makes Dan’s efforts even more impressive is the fact he adlibs his entire segments. While others rely on an autocue, Dan presents the weather without one, adapting to the necessary time duration each night.

In a statement given to The Herald today, Dan said the support he’s received has been amazing.

“Unfortunately last night it was a ‘brain freeze’ moment. I do not script my weather, it is all adlib,” he said.

“I have been taking te reo classes over the winter and this year I thought I would really give it a go during Māori language week. I wrote out the weather forecast in Māori and had one of the Te Karere presenters check it through.

“Having done so many weather broadcasts over the years I don’t normally think twice about what I say, it comes naturally from knowing the daily weather maps. I was in the re reo part of my weather forecast and that is where my brain froze up!

“I will definitely be giving it another go tonight and for the rest of Māori language week, but I might put some of the Māori words in the autocue just to help me along!”

Over on Three weather presenter Ollie Ritchie was also putting his best foot forward, with The Project host Kanoa Lloyd helping him with his te reo.

Ollie admitted he didn’t have a lot of experience and that it was “a little daunting”.

Kanoa offered some advice to help ease his nerves and give him more confidence using the language in day-to-day life.

“There’s no Māori police, no one’s going to tell you off if you get it wrong or put you in jail,” Kanoa said. 

Awesome work Dan and Ollie, we love your work and are looking forward to hearing more korero this week!