Dan Faitaua pulls 'gang sign' on TV

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Tuesday, 22 January 2019, 9:45AM

Things got a bit weird on Breakfast this morning when Daniel Faitaua tried his hand at some new (to him, at least) social media poses.

The Breakfast team were admiring some photos of Justin Timberlake's recent visit to a children's hospital when Dan noticed the star pulling some kind of backward peace sign and simply could not wrap his mind around it.

"I don't understand that kind of signal...what is it? What is that in photos?" he asked his co-hosts, pulling the same sign non-stop.

Hayley Holt offered this explanation: "It's kind of people who don't have a gang maybe trying to do some kind of gang sign - I don't think it's good."

But the team's resident social media expert said it was just "deuces" - "I think it's just cool, it's chill".

Meanwhile Jack Tame tried to dissect the peace sign and all the while, Dan simply kept posing for the cameras.

He said: "Don't you think I look like an absolute tosser doing this?"

See what you think for yourself in the full clip below: