Could this star save Air NZ's next safety video?

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Tuesday, 5 February 2019, 2:18PM
Leigh Hart. Photo / Instagram
Leigh Hart. Photo / Instagram

Hauraki’s Leigh Hart is no stranger to Kiwis nationwide and he has made it very clear he wants to be the new host for Air New Zealand’s newest safety campaign.

Just last week Air NZ pulled its 'terrible' safety video after backlash online, and posted on social media for a new "head of safety videos".

We don't know about that, but as far as star power goes, Bhuja's Leigh Hart, Jason Hoyte and Matt Ward are all keen contenders and have taken to social media for the public to vote for them.

“We need Jason Hoyte’s authoritative (as heard on #dogwatch) voice in the next @airnz safety video!! Go to the Air NZ Instagram and let them know!”

There is also a public community petition in play for people sign. 

It reads: “Air New Zealand has had its highs and lows with their safety videos. Coming off a sound defeat with their 'rap' video, they need something huge to make up for their shortcomings.

“Look no further! Leigh Hart is perhaps New Zealand's greatest living human, it is imperative that Air New Zealand make him the star of their next safety video.

“As Leigh knows, safety is no accident.”

Excellent work, lads!