Comedian turned radio host: Kevin Hart hits NZ airwaves

Spy News,
Publish Date
Wednesday, 12 December 2018, 7:36AM

Comedian Kevin Hart has touched down in NZ for his Irresponsible Tour and is “excited as hell” to be here. 

Hart hit the airways yesterday to try his hand as a radio host before his debut Auckland show.

Talking to Flava host, Athena Angelou, he jazzily introduced himself to Kiwi listeners.

“How would you introduce yourself if you came on radio?” asks Athena.

“Alright, here we go… this is me if I was a radio host,” says Kevin.

“What’s going on world, this is your man with the plan and I am talking to all of you, and by you I am talking to the people, but what people? The special people and if you are a person that means you are popping and I want you to pop my way and stay right here on Flava.

“As I continue to give you, you do, I am picking it up and I thought you knew. I am talking to my Kiwis … stay right here. Woo! That was dope!

“I just made it up! Off the top of my head!” says Kevin.

Well if the comedy act doesn’t work out, we are sure you could always nab a hosting role in NZ for sure, mate!

Watch the full chat on Flava above.