Colin Mathura-Jeffree's spicy new role

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 2 December 2017, 4:25PM
Colin Mathura-Jeffree.
Colin Mathura-Jeffree.

Three is livening up the reality stakes next year with a new Indian dance competition series, The Great NZ Dance Masala. MediaWorks confirmed Colin Mathura-Jeffree will host the show, which they say will be the most colourful, flamboyant and lively series to hit our screens in a long time.

All ages, genders and ethnicities are welcome, whether in the form of an established group or one that is coming together just for the competition.

Mathura-Jeffree, 45, is thrilled to be at the helm of a series that will showcase Indian culture in New Zealand. The former New Zealand’s Next Top Model judge and New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker host said it was an easy yes when Three offered him the role.

“I like the unifying happy style of the show, it is hopeful and happy and will hopefully bring all kinds of people together from all walks of Kiwi life.

“I hope there is a melting pot of talent added into the wonderful world of Indian dance which will take the forms of Bollywood, traditional and classical and if someone wants to bust some freestyle into the mix — fabulous.”

Mathura-Jeffree, who grew up Anglo Indian, says it’s this type of vibrancy in the Indian culture that gave him his first inspiration as a youngster moving into modelling.

“Aside from the Bollywood culture, there is the palatial fairytale world from the sub-continent which dates back thousands of years. The colours and fabrics of the classical style will blow people’s minds — so the costumes, and make-up and storytelling will be as important as the technique, timing, choreography and teamwork,” the former Dancing with the Stars contestant said.

The series will be 10 half-hour episodes with eight teams of dancers given a strenuous challenge, tapping into the many distinct forms of dance.

“Anyone who is reading this and wants to explore a rainbow of ideas with a group of friends, do a little study and collaborate their ideas with some cultural traditionalists, should apply. It is going to be a beautiful show.”