Clarke’s dream Hollywood fishing trip axed

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Friday, 10 August 2018, 9:29AM

NZ’s first dad and fishing aficionado Clarke Gayford has revealed movie executives stomped on a spearfishing trip he’d planned for Jason Statham.

In a post shared on Twitter the PM’s partner said the Hollywood star was keen to go out diving while he was in the country filming The Meg.

“While ‘The Meg’ was being shot in NZ, Jason Statham asked to go out diving in downtime so I planned a spearfishing trip, but the movie execs freaked,” Gayford wrote.

Clarke was still able to help the actor get his underwater fix however, by organising a shark diving experience for him in Fiji.

Given Statham’s passion for sharks he seemed pretty happy with the outcome.

The 51-year-old has had a passion for sharks since he was a child, something which proved handy while he was filming The Meg in New Zealand.

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Shot in and around Auckland for several months in 2016, the film tells the story of a giant great white called megalodon – The Meg for short – being discovered alive and well, living near the bottom of the ocean.

The Meg is out in cinemas next week.