Business or pleasure? Sam Hayes spotted with Ryan Kamins

Ricardo Simich. ,
Spy News,
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Saturday, 13 October 2018, 9:26AM
Samantha Hayes. Photo / Supplied
Samantha Hayes. Photo / Supplied
Newshub presenter Samantha Hayes was recently spotted having dinner at fine-dining restaurant The Grove with Riot Foods CEO Ryan Kamins.

Hayes leads a healthy lifestyle and shares similar ecological points of view as Kamins, but whispers have grown.

Was the dinner a romantic liaison or was Kamins asking for PR advice before Riot Foods made the news two weeks ago calling on shareholders and the public for more funding?

The redhead has met Kamins' business partner, The Bachelor NZ star Art Green and his fiancee Matilda Rice so maybe she met Kamins through them?  
Kamins and Green did a spot on Three’s The Project following the news of their business problems — perhaps he bumped into Hayes after her slot on the 7pm news.

The dinner is understood to have occurred before Kamins’ letter to Riot shareholders hit the headlines. It claimed the company needed to raise nearly $1 million in two weeks, or sell the business, following “significant challenges” with its factory, after damage there caused it to miss production deadlines.

While confirming the dinner happened, neither Hayes nor Kamins had any further comment.

At time of print, news is due on whether Riot Foods has achieved its funding. Here’s hoping the news is good for the boys and may we say what a lively foursome Art, Matilda, Ryan and Samantha would make at dinner together.