Bump and grind? DWTS heats up

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 12 May 2018, 2:59PM
Shavaughn and Enrique and Naz and Tim.
Shavaughn and Enrique and Naz and Tim.

Former DWTS partners Shane and Nerida Cortese famously met on set — and Spy hears whispers there could be new romances on the cards this season.

Two couples in this year’s competition are getting particularly close, sources have revealed to Spy.

Now, we’re not all that green — a bit of spice won’t do any harm to those hunting for votes. But we were happy to lay the bait and let the stars and their dancers speak for themselves.

Nazanin Khanjani knows how to tease and if there will be a post-comp romance, our bets are on her and Russian Rumba partner Tim Mullayanov.

“Tim and I have had a lot of questions about our chemistry since the tango dance,” Naz said.

“As a professional dance teacher, Tim thinks it’s very important to show the public that we can not only dance, but also act; as with every dance, there is a story and there are different characters.”

She says that is what has led to misinterpretation of their growing relationship.

“In saying that, faking our chemistry for so long on the show . . . you never know if it could turn into something real. Or has it already?”

Shavaughn Ruakere tried the distraction technique, pointing Cupid’s finger at Marama Fox and Brad Coleman.

But the sizzle is obvious with Shav and her partner Enrique Johns.

“I think most women will agree, a man who can move is hard to beat . . . and Enrique can definitely move.”

Two of our stars became unusually shy when asked about romance behind the scenes.

ACT MP David Seymour refused to be drawn on whether he is single, while Samantha Hayes gave Spy short shift .

 Meanwhile, married mother-of-two Suzy Cato and partner Matt Tatton-Brown enjoyed quashing speculation about the strange and suggestive noises coming out of their rehearsals: turns out they were just practising their lifts.