Brodie Kane's greatest Breakfast hits

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017, 10:43PM

With Brodie Kane calling time on her Breakfast presenting duties this week, we look back at some of her more memorable moments on the show. 

Kane and McLean: Breakfast BFFs

Kane's time on Breakfast has been dominated by adventures on the road with her work husband, weather presenter Matty McLean.

While co-hosts Jack Tame and Hilary Barry enjoy presenting the show from the comfort and safety of their TV studio, Kane and McLean are the ones who've been sent out into wild to both inform and entertain the TV-watching masses.


Ah McKane, you've done it again. #toolatetocopyrightprobably #sportingprowessatitsfinest

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Who could forget the time Breakfast's producers made Kane and McLean sample durian, a fruit so foul-smelling, it's banned in some parts of the world? 

Broadcasting from the NZ Hospitality Championships, Kane was quick to dry-retch on live TV as she got a whiff of the fruit's rotting-flesh smell.

"I can’t do it," she spluttered as she got away from the durian as quickly as she could.



Kane endured a little more live TV humiliation when she and McLean were sent to haunted house attraction Spookers for the morning, something she did not look happy about. At all. 

Kane ended up on the floor in the foetal position on more than one occasion as a merry band of actors did their best to terrify her live on air. But she did at least avoid an infamous Spookers "code brown" situation...



But the visit to Spookers wasn't the first time Kane was left speechless with fear whilst on Breakfast presenting duties.

To help celebrate the Sky Tower's 20th birthday this year, Kane was told to complete a death-defying SkyJump.

As Kane shuffled forward to leap off the side of the building, muttering "oh no, this is dumb," her main concern was not swearing on early morning television. (And despite an almost F-bomb, she succeeded.)



Making My Kitchen Rules history

To celebrate the new season of My Kitchen Rules NZ, Breakfast's presenters competed in their own version of the cooking show – with hilarious results.

Hilary Barry and Matty McLean teamed up against Jack Tame and Brodie Kane, with each duo dishing up a main and dessert for MKR judges, Manu Feildel and Pete Evans, and special guest judge, Breakfast newsreader Daniel Faitaua.

Kane brought the house down with her dessert, or as she described it, a dish that "destroyed the good name of my mother and her chocolate self-saucing pudding".

Yes, Kane's version of the pudding was an unmitigated disaster.

Feildel said it was one of the worst dishes he'd ever been served in eight years of My Kitchen Rules, while Evans went one step further to say it was the actual worst, before awarding the dessert zero points (a first for MKR).

Finally, Faitaua savaged Kane and Tame's dessert efforts, saying: "I felt like you ate the leftovers of the main and threw it back at us ... I felt like it was the last day of my life."



Getting friendly at Fieldays

Kane also brought her special brand of charm to Fieldays and apparently made quite the impression on at least one of the contenders in the event's annual Rural Bachelor of the Year competition.

As the show finished filming for the day, Kane ended up swapping phone numbers with one of the bachelors.

It wasn't a moment captured on air, but luckily for all of us, Matty McLean saw what was going on and shared it with the masses via his Instagram page. Because that's what friends are for, right?



Singing like nobody's listening

Kane isn’t known for her singing, but she is known for being a good sport, which is why she happily stepped up to the microphone to do a sound check before singer Anne-Marie performed on Breakfast.

Kane broke into a rendition of Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On, before dissolving into a fit of laughter when she realised Anne-Marie had entered the studio and was witnessing the performance.



Kane would, however, be amazing on Lip Sync Battle.

She once demonstrated her lip syncing skills as Breakfast went to an ad break playing the late '90s classic, Backstreet Boys' I Want It That Way.

Thinking she was off air, Kane poured her heart and soul into performing along with the track – but it was so good, producers obviously decided the rest of the nation needed to see it and let it go to air before the break.



Fighting the Bachelor

Kane broadcast from a pyjama party at Auckland's Ronald McDonald House back in May, which involved, amongst other things, partaking in a "little harmless" pillow fight with some of the children there.

But as can be seen in the following photos, things quickly went downhill when The Bachelor's Art Green and Matilda Rice got involved in the fight.

We don't know what Kane ever did to Green, but it looked like he was taking the fight very, very seriously...



Kane's last day on the Breakfast show is tomorrow, which will no doubt be an emotional affair for all concerned.

When Kane announced she was leaving Breakfast to join Dave Fitzgerald on The Hits' morning show in Christchurch, she told her Facebook fans it wasn't a decision made lightly.

"It breaks my heart to be leaving the most wonderful bunch of humans I spend ridiculous hours of the day with," she wrote.

"But sometimes you've got to take on a new challenge, and boy am I ready for that!"

After she signs off from Breakfast, Brodie Kane will be hosting the NZ Herald's coverage at the VNZMAs on Thursday night.

Kane will be live on the red carpet at Spark Arena from 6.30pm. Watch our Facebook livestream and follow us on Instagram (@seenbyspy) for all the action.