Brodie Kane’s Melbourne Cup wardrobe malfunction

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Wednesday, 8 November 2017, 9:23AM
Brodie Kane. Photo / Instagram
Brodie Kane. Photo / Instagram

After a day of fun, fashion and racing, Breakfast presenter Brodie Kane suffered a fashion emergency that every single gal can relate to. 

Miss Kane found herself home alone with no one to unzip her from her gorgeous, red lace frock.

In a series of frantic Instagram stories, the hilarious presenter documented her struggle, pleading for someone to come and rescue her. 

“What happens when you get home alone, no one is home, you don’t have a boyfriend and you actually legitimately can’t get out of your dress? #fashionemergency.”

“Like, I want to go to bed, I have to get up at half past three in the morning… Do you think I can get out of this? No I can’t! I can’t! Send help immediately!”

The next video shows her lying down in bed with her dress still on.

“So, this is not a joke, or a show. My friend Michelle is on her way over here to get me out of my dress… this is a legitimate fashion emergency.”

Brodie’s friend Michelle then arrives and she films the pair struggling to get her out of the dress.

“F***k she’s a good friend” says Kane.

Brodie then proceeded to jump for joy on her bed in her pyjamas!

The sassy presenter will farewell her Breakfast co-hosts next week, as she leaves TVNZ to take up a new role, hosting The Hits breakfast show in Christchurch.