Breakfast team hilariously mock 'Angry Jack'

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Monday, 20 November 2017, 3:51PM
Jack Tame gets savagely mocked by his own workmates. Photo / Facebook
Jack Tame gets savagely mocked by his own workmates. Photo / Facebook

Jack Tame copped a lot of backlash from viewers after his interview with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern - but he copped even more from his own workmates. 

Tame made headlines this morning for his "dog with a bone" questioning of the PM, and complaints continued to fly in. 

As if that wasn't bad enough, the Breakfast team then took those complaints and savagely rubbed them in Tame's face with glee.

Hillary Barry read out emails one by one while she and Matty McLean laughed: "Jack you need a day off to chill - couldn't agree more", "It's not your job to be a permanent d**head", and "what a disgrace, get him back on his leash" - after which, McLean offered to lend him one, for effect. 

The ribbing continued throughout the Breakfast show with Barry asking if Tame was going to get riled up over Cadbury Roses' missing Cherry Ripes, and Daniel Faitaua later asking; "How's Angry Jack doing?"

Barry did try to find a positive though, saying "595 of the 600 emails were scathing" but there were a few in support. 

"Congratulations Jack, you're a true journalist," she read, before rattling off the keywords from the next few emails: "Upstart, prat, embarrassment, pathetic" - you get the drill. 

Bad news for Angry Jack, but at least the crew are looking on the bright side. 

Watch the full video here: