Breakfast hilariously derailed by...a desk chair?

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Friday, 16 March 2018, 9:57AM
When desk chairs go wrong: The Breakfast edition.
When desk chairs go wrong: The Breakfast edition.

Breakfast's Jack Tame is having a rough week; first his keep cup mishap, now a rogue desk chair. 

Jack was interviewing Dr Lance O'Sullivan this morning when suddenly, Dr O'Sullivan's chair just....dropped. 

He laughed: "I bet you that hasn't happened - has that happened before?" 

Hayley Holt answered honestly: "No, that's never happened." 

And then Jack, realising his attempts to fix the chair were actually making the awkward situation worse, just gave up and lowered his chair to match instead. 

Even Hilary Barry commented on the mishap, taking to Twitter to say: "Dr Lance delivering the lols on Breakfast".


Watch the clip below: