Breakfast duo's stinky new low

Spy News,
Publish Date
Thursday, 27 July 2017, 9:36AM

Brodie Kane and Matty McLean had a stink job to do this morning. Literally.

The Breakfast duo were tasked with tasting durian - and the results did not make for great live TV.

Durian, a popular fruit from South-East Asia, is known for its spiky husk and pungent smell, which has been compared to raw sewage or rotting flesh.

It supposedly tastes better than it smells, but both Kane and McLean struggled to get past its odour.

"Let's get it on," said Kane, opening a tub of the fruit.

"Oh my god, that's disgusting," replied McLean, taking a sniff.

Kane quickly erupted into a fit of coughs and started dry retching, declaring: "I can't do it."

Putting a piece of fruit to her lips, she dropped it, jumped off her chair, and reached for a water bottle, as her co-hosts Jack Tame and Hilary Barry erupted in giggles.

"That is so cruel," laughed Barry.

McLean had more of a stomach for it, successfully taking a bite of the durian, which is said to have a creamy, caramel flavour.

The duo were presenting live from The Food Show, being held in Auckland this weekend.