Breakfast beef? Daniel gets mad at Jack and Hayley

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Friday, 26 October 2018, 12:17PM
Daniel Faitaua is sick of his co-host's tardiness. Photo / Facebook
Daniel Faitaua is sick of his co-host's tardiness. Photo / Facebook

If there’s one thing you shouldn't be late for – it’s delivering the news.

Daniel Faitaua takes his Breakfast news reading role very seriously and dislikes when his bulletins have to run later because of his tardy co-hosts.

“In your 8.33 news... we are very late, I apologise to our viewers, thanks to Hayley and Jack,” he says down the barrel of the camera in a video posted to social media.

Later in the show a very kind Matty McLean apologises.

“I will apologise for the blatant disregard of timing... I am apologising for the two of you (Hayley and Jack) because you are in charge of the time, you were meant to keep our guests in check."

"And our viewers at home are now running late because they are wanting to see..." says Faitaua.

"Me and Daniel," Matty finishes his sentence. "I am apologising to our poor viewers who are sitting at home waiting for Daniel and I."

Viewers also commented in support of the apology.

“Thank you, Matty, for your support of Daniel and the viewers. The news is really the reason I watch breakfast.”

“I love the breakfast crew, big ups to Matty and Daniel for keeping it to the point.”

“You go Matty and Daniel. I enjoy Daniels news report. Those two Jack and Haley need to show more respect for the both of yous.”

Watch it unfold in the video below.