Bachelor split: Zac and Viarni call it quits

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Thursday, 2 November 2017, 6:48AM

The Bachelor NZ's Zac Franich and Viarni Bright have announced they have ended their relationship.

The couple has called it quits after six months together.

They posted about their breakup on their respective social media pages on Wednesday evening.

Franich says the pair remain friends and the decision was not made lightly.

"I've learnt a lot from her and have had so many good times, for which I'll always be grateful," he posted.

At the start of this year I first laid eyes on someone pretty incredible. I knew quickly that this was the girl I had been searching for. I became a very lucky man in being able call her mine, and count myself fortunate to have held her hand by my side ever since. We've had plenty of laughs and have shared some pretty special memories together in that time. However.. in life, some things just aren't meant to be.. Recently we both decided to continue our relationship just as friends. We'll always share a lot of mutual love and respect, but felt we just weren't quite right for each other. It's not something we took lightly & it's really tough for the both of us. I know there's no one else I would have rather embarked on this wild ride with, and can only ever smile when thinking of the time Viarni and I shared. I've learnt a lot from her and have had so many good times, for which I'll always be grateful. We've also really appreciated the kind words & messages from everyone throughout. You've all helped make this crazy & amazing adventure something we won't be forgetting anytime soon. Signing off one last time, Z & V

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Bright also posted a message about the split on her Instagram account, saying the couple shared the news with "heavy hearts" but she'd go through it all over again "without changing a thing".

At the beginning of the year I took a big chance in life. With no expectations set, I stepped outta the car drenched in sequins & there he was with his beaming smile We instantly had a crush on each other, then dated for a while in a pretty rare situation Feelings easily developed & in the end I happily became his girl. Over half a year has gone by & we have shared a pretty amazing relationship full of laughter, adventures & smiles | However like in any relationship things can suddenly change & you find yourselves at a point where you need to ask, is this enough? Are we really right for each other? Are we forever? Unfortunately I can't quite say 100% yes to those anymore. As much as we wanted it to be forever, with heavy hearts we have decided to go our separate ways. It's an extremely hard situation but I'm proud of us for being true to ourselves & choosing to share it, in our own words | Zac is a wonderful person & we will continue to care for each other. We will always share a bond over our journey & I would do it all again without changing a thing. Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the love shown to us along the way. The support, the experience itself & all the relationships I've made will never be forgotten

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Franich chose Bright in the season 3 finale of The Bachelor NZ back in May.

The couple never kept their struggles secret, having previously admitted seeking counselling to deal with life after the reality TV show and the fame that came with it.