Aqua star reveals Māori tattoo, busts out pūkana

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Wednesday, 6 February 2019, 9:53AM

Who would've thought a Danish pop star would have a "fascination" with Māori culture?

Well Aqua star Rene Dif definitely does - so much so that he has multiple Māori tattoos.

The Barbie Girl hitmaker performed with his bandmates - including the Barbie Girl herself, Lene Nystrom - at So Pop on Tuesday night alongside other 90s stars like Blue, Vengaboys and more.

But before the big night, Rene caught up with The Hits hosts Sam and Toni and revealed his love of Te Āo Māori.

Toni was admiring the popstar's outfit when he revealed he has a Māori tattoo!

Rene Dif's tiki tattoo. Photo / The Hits

"I got it the first time we were here," he said before turning around to show the guys the tiki inked on his back.

"I'm very fascinated by the Māori culture, so I have more," he admitted.

That's not all though - Rene also performed in an All Blacks jersey at So Pop and even busted out a pretty impressive pūkana.

Rene Dif of Aqua performs during So POP at Spark Arena. Photo / Getty Images

Kia ora Rene!