A viewer called Hilary Barry's clothes ‘just awful’ – here’s her response

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Friday, 23 March 2018, 8:51AM
Hilary Barry.  Photo / Instagram
Hilary Barry. Photo / Instagram

Kiwi broadcasting royalty Hilary Barry has hit back at a viewer who didn’t like her wardrobe choices on Seven Sharp.

Barry took to social media to reveal the criticism she received from one viewer over her outfit choices for two nights in a row.

 “I feel that your wardrobe designer does nothing to enhance your appearance,” the viewer wrote in a message Barry posted to Twitter.

“Even I, a basic artist and designer knows what makes my appearance the best that it can be. Last night’s green garment and tonight’s stripes are just awful on you.

“Please play back the two episodes and try to understand why I am taking the trouble of sending you this message.”

Barry had a sternly worded reply for the viewer: “Zero f***s given.”

Viewers took Barry’s side in the argument, applauding the presenter for her doing her job – not her clothes.

“You could turn up on TV in flannelette pjs and I wouldn't care cos it doesn't impact on how great you are at your job,” wrote one.

“Do the news in a hoodie and jeans for all it matters. The story doesn't care what you're wearing, and neither should anyone else!” said another.

A third replied: “As a humble.... artist.... can I say that you look like a babe. So. You do you.”

Barry also disclosed that “women over 70” are “my biggest critics. Seriously.”

We love ya Hilz Baz! Don’t change for anyone.