18 questions for 2018

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018, 11:31PM
Liam Malone, Jordan Mauger, Antonia Prebble. Photos / Instagram
Liam Malone, Jordan Mauger, Antonia Prebble. Photos / Instagram

At the beginning of 2017, we posed 17 questions for the year ahead

Some we already knew the answers to. (#12 If a star goes on holiday and it isn't documented in elaborate detail on Instagram, will it have actually happened? Answer: No.)

Some answers we found out with time. (#13 Will Real Housewife Anne Batley-Burton be releasing another Christmas jingle? Answer: Yes.)

Some we're still scratching our heads over. (#7 After releasing his political policies this week, would Colin Mathura-Jeffree sweep the vote if he stood for election? Answer: He didn't run, so we're none the wiser.)

So, with one week of 2018 already behind us, here are 18 more questions we're pondering for the coming year.

1. Will America follow the lead of Kiwi audiences and fall for the unique charms of Lily McManus? With the Bachelorette finally confirming this week she's starring in US TV spinoff The Bachelor Winter Games, we have to wait another month to find out what they make of her special brand of humour when the series goes to air in February.

2. Is Jordan Mauger a sucker for punishment? After becoming a national pariah following his disastrous appearance on season two of The Bachelor NZ, he's also representing our fine nation at The Bachelor Winter Games. "Regrets, I've had a few," he told his Instagram followers this week. Mmm-hmm.


Regrets, I’ve had a few.

A post shared by Jordan Mauger (@jordmauger) on Jan 6, 2018 at 4:19pm PST


3. Speaking of The Bachelor, will Shari Flavall finally, finally be gifted another shot at reality TV stardom in 2018? 

4. Will the marriage of MAFS NZ sweethearts Brett and Angel Renall continue at its breakneck speed in 2018? If they carry on at the pace their relationship took in 2017, they'll have a baby by March, endure the seven-year itch by July and be back in love once more before Christmas rolls around.

5. If a second season of MAFS NZ goes ahead, will anyone in their right mind put themselves forward to marry a stranger after 2017's spectacularly unsuccessful experiment?

6. Who will Lorde thank first when she wins another Grammy later this month?

7. Will the Yelich-O'Connor sheen of success rub off on Lorde's little sister, Indy, when she releases her book of poetry in February?

8. Is the Maldives the Kiwi celebrity honeymoon destination of choice for 2018? First the Folaus frolicked in those famous blue waters, now newlyweds Megan and Andrew Papas are spamming Instagram with some major envy-inducing Maldives shots. (Look away now if you're reading this from your office desk.) 


Officially not coming home...

A post shared by Megan Papas (@meganlouisepapas) on Jan 9, 2018 at 3:31am PST


9. Is TVNZ's Heartbreak Island going to be the TV obsession of 2018? Based on some of the rumours we've already heard about the show's contestants, it's shaping up to be a juicy one. 

10. How many TV stars will quit the small screen for a gig over the radio waves this year? If 2017 is anything to go by (Toni Street, Sam Wallace, Mike Hosking, Brodie Kane...) radio really is the new black.

11. What new side gigs can we expect from our famous faces in 2018? With Rachel Hunter becoming a qualified yoga instructor and actress Antonia Prebble joining the ranks of celebrities-turned-marriage-celebrants, it looks like our stars are keen to let everyone know they're not one-trick ponies. 



12. Who will be the breakout sensation from the latest reboot of Dancing with the Stars?

13. And will there be romance on the dancefloor? (We can only hope!)

14. He's just performed at Rhythm & Vines – where will Max Key pop up next? (Dancing With The Stars, perhaps?)

15. Finally! One of Spy's predictions of a Beauden Barrett-Hannah Laity engagement came to fruition this month (third time's always the charm), which begs the question... who is set to pop the question next? (We're looking at you, Shaun Johnson and Kayla Cullen.) 

16. Which network will snap up Liam Malone now that he's retired from para-athletics? Sure, the 24-year-old has already lined up a business development job with high tech firm Soul Machines, but his easy charm begs for an outlet on our screens somewhere too.

17. Which Kiwis will be dusting off their best hats to attend the royal wedding in May?

18. But more importantly – which Kiwis will be dusting off their best hats to attend the REAL wedding of the year i.e. the nuptials of one Arthur Green and one Matilda Rice? We'll be watching our letterbox very carefully for an invitation...