17 questions for 2017

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Thursday, 5 January 2017, 8:57PM
Sam Wallace, Lorde and Colin Mathura-Jeffree. Photos / Instagram
Sam Wallace, Lorde and Colin Mathura-Jeffree. Photos / Instagram

After the highs and so very many lows of 2016, attention has finally turned to the new year bestowed upon us.

And as we come to the end of the first week of 2017, here are the 17 questions we have about the year ahead...

1. With TVNZ still bedding in its overhauled Breakfast team and TV3 about to launch a brand new line-up yet again, who will win the hearts and minds of New Zealand's breakfast television audience?

2. Who will replace weatherman Sam Wallace over at Breakfast?

3. And will that replacement be able to capture the affections of the nation's stay at home mums the same way Wallace did?

4. Will any of this year's Bachelorettes on The Bachelor NZ actually be hoping to find love?

5. Will the Bachelor himself actually be hoping to find love?

6. Can we expect any juicy revelations about any of the Bachelorettes that slip past producer background checks?

7. After releasing his political policies this week, would Colin Mathura-Jeffree sweep the vote if he stood for election? We do like his suggestion of grand state galas.


So this appeared on my FB today! FYI I would make a dreadful Prime Minister....LOL- but if anyone thought what I would do? Like some world leaders, I'd remain on social media 😂 👉Fiercely validate that our most valuable resource in NZ is our people & protect them. 👉The realisation that tax is a benefit citizens experience, & so NZers are happy to pay into. 👉NZ reaps the benefit of big businesses being here, & don't lose all the profits to foreign nations. 👉Make sure health care is even better. 👉More movie production here. 👉Better wages for hospital staff. 👉Better wages for teachers. 👉More resources for schools/Universities etc 👉Fix our Prisons. 👉Fix our Schools & they are to have seasonal fruit trees for communities to eat. 👉Initiatives & grants for inventors. 👉Initiatives & grants for scientists. 👉Initiatives for more economic power supplies. 👉Super fast WiFi. 👉Development of better water resources & usage (toilet/tap etc). 👉Increase our international allies....not just countries but the Jenners/Kardashians & some Really Real Housewives. 👉Audit Insurance companies, Charities & Religion's to make sure they are not money making schemes. 👉Stop fishing in the Southern Antarctic Sea. 🤘Save the Maui Dolphin. 👉Increase our military to patrol & protect our Pacific Nations from illegal fisheries, pirates & any "scientific whaling vessels" would be destroyed on sight! 💥 👉 invite more trade deals without selling out 👉Protect communities & equality with LGBTI to the wage gap between genders equalised🖒 👉I like big balls...so I'd hold a few during the year. Huge state affairs. #Masquerade. ✌That New Zealand is a nation of tolerance & ambition. That we are a shining light to show other countries that we actually practice what they preach! #lifeinthefastlane #ifIwerePrimeMinister #ColinMathuraJeffree #socialiteinfluencer #DenizenMagazine #lol #silly #choseGilda

A photo posted by Colin Mathura-Jeffree (@colinmathurajeffree) on Jan 3, 2017 at 6:34pm PST


8. Speaking of grand state galas, what will Donald Trump's excuse be if nobody of any note turns up to perform at any of his inauguration events?

9. How many brides will be wearing knock-offs of Gemma Flynn's wedding dress this time next year?

10. Will we ever again see a Williams sister at the ASB Classic after this week's debacle?

11. Will the NZ Rugby Review Panel succeed in helping snuff out any major misconduct scandals in the game this year?

12. If a star goes on holiday this summer, and it isn't documented in elaborate detail on Instagram, will it have actually happened?

13. Will Real Housewife Anne Batley-Burton be releasing another Christmas jingle? It could become an ongoing Christmas tradition, not unlike the Queen's message.  

14. Will we be able to contain ourselves waiting for Lorde's return to the stage at Coachella?

15. Could she maybe, possibly, make a bigger splash at the festival than headliner, Beyonce? Absence (three years in Lorde's case) does make the heart grow fonder, after all.

16. How much are flights to California and how do we get our hands on some Coachella tickets?

17. Will 2017 be kinder to our favourite actors and musicians and stem the flow being taken from us? Or will celebrities be looking around nervously, wondering if the curse of 2016 is going to linger?