Why Victoria Beckham is looking years younger

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Thursday, 7 June 2018, 9:38AM

Victoria Beckham's make-up artist has revealed five simple tweaks she's made to the designer's beauty look to take years off her face.

Make-up artist Wendy Rowe told Byrdie how she's given Victoria plumper lips by using just a pencil and gloss and ditched contouring in favour of more natural make-up for a fresher, younger look, reports the Daily Mail.

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Recent snaps of the former Spice Girls star, 44, show the mother-of-four looking flawless, with a plump pout and a natural glow.

But in pictures from the 2014 Met Ball heavier eyeliner and contouring created a harsher look that actually made Victoria look older than her years.

Read on to find out the easy tricks that could also take years off your face.


Victoria's lips are looking fuller these days, but it's nothing to do with injectables.

A pared-back matte nude has always been Victoria's go-to, but she's now subtly overlining her lips to make them look plumper.

Wendy uses Burberry Lip Colour Contour to create the same 'polished feeling' of a lipstick, but is so natural it blends in and doesn't look like you're wearing lippy.

A slick of gloss on the top lip also adds to the bee-stung look.


A straight brow used to be Victoria's preference, but now she's opted for a very subtle arch.

This opens up her eyes and softens her features for an anti-ageing effect.


While Victoria is sticking with her signature smokey eye, she's using a pared down version.

"We do dark kohl around the base of the lash [line], keeping the eyelid quite open and then do several coats of mascara for super-long, voluminous lashes," Rowe explained.

"I also use a beige eyeliner to widen the eye."


It's out with the heavy contouring and in with the natural look.

Wendy is using a luminous base in the form of Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base and Burberry Cashmere Concealer and blusher to create a fresh glow.


Victoria also fuels her natural glow with Sarah Champman's £145 ($276) Radiance Recharge System - a 10 day programme of active skincare shots.

On days one, three, and nine you use a Lactic Micropeel to resurface, smoothe and brighten the skin.

Days two, five and seven contain high doses of potent antioxidant vitamin C to boost skin clarity and luminosity.

On day 10 a hyaluronic formula visibly plumps and restores a radiant glow.