What does KFC chocolate really taste like?

Liana Thaggard,
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Friday, 12 May 2017, 1:36PM

Arguably two of the greatest guilty pleasures a person indulge in - KFC and chocolate - have been combined for an intriguing Mother's Day treat.

This week our Trial and Error team cautiously sampled the Original and Hot & Spicy flavoured KFC chocolates with hilarious results. Watch our full review for their verdict.

Taste predictions

KFC partnered with artisan chocolatiers Kako Chocolate to create two flavours: Original Recipe, boasting a milk chocolate truffle centre topped with 23 carat gold leaf and Hot & Spicy, a dark chocolate version, which our taste testers predicted would resemble chilli chocolate. Despite the strange combinations, Patricia and Siena expected good things from the special edition sweets.

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What the chocolates actually taste like

Patricia instantly regretted the taste test, noting the Original Recipe chocolate did have a faint chicken flavour. And, strangely, decided it "tasted like the smell of the inside of my nana's pantry."

The Hot & Spicy chocolate really packed a chilli punch and was the preferred flavour of the two.

The verdict

What's not to like about chocolate and KFC? Consumed separately, we agree, they're great. But together? We're not convinced this is a creation we ever needed. We don't recommend gifting this to your mum this Mother's Day. Unless, of course, you want to go full prank mode and pair it with one of these creepy Radio Hauraki cards ... you're welcome.