PR manager Roxy Jacenko went from McDonald's worker to making $50,000 an hour

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Sunday, 17 June 2018, 3:26PM

Roxy Jacenko is a self-made woman who can boast a business that earns her $50,000 an hour.

But it wasn't always that way, as the now 38-year-old was once a McDonald's worker who barely graduated high school as a teenager in 1998.

With no hope of entering university with her low marks, the ambitious blonde took on two jobs that were far from the glamorous role she holds today, reports Daily Mail.

After high school, Roxy was developing photos for the local Kodak store and by night working as a florist at her local flower shop, The Flower Man, by day.

Self-described as a "s**t student" Roxy tried TAFE but didn't complete her fashion manufacturing course.

During a recent speaking tout in Sydney, she even joked: "I was a s**t student in school and I never read novels and now I have three. I have read them, don't worry."

Though she grew up in a wealthy family and lived in a waterside mansion, Roxy was determined to find her own way in business after being 'fired' from her mother's company at age 18.

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The influential PR manager then took a job on the reception desk at clothing company Diesel, working her way up to their marketing manager despite having no experience in PR or marketing.

"Then I became a PR and marketing manager, which was funny because I had no experience in marketing, but I had a business card, so I thought I was a rock star," she told Perth Now.

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She had a knack for it, so at the age of 24, struck out on her own, creating what is now the monolith Sweaty Betty PR.

As of 2018, Roxy is behind a number companies, Sweaty Betty PR, including the Ministry of Talent agency that boats a whole host of influencers, Pixie's Bows, and her latest venture, Social Union, a content creation agency.

On stage at a recent event, she joked: "If you spend money you make money. And I'm good at that - spending it."

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Roxy makes a tidy sum at her speaking tours, addressing large audiences across Australia earningbetween $8500 to $50,000 for each event.

Roxy has also released a number of books, her fourth on it's way later in the year.

And she is not afraid to flaunt her worth, and is well known for her love of designer clothes and luxury cars.

The marketing and PR queen has an extensive collection of luxury vehicles, including an 2018 Aston Martin Vantage worth over $380,000 which she bought herself for Christmas last year.

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Roxy told Daily Mail Australia: "I just bought it for my Christmas Present, it's the first of the new Aston Martin Vantage model... they are not yet on the road!"

"Its been one hell of a year and it was time to treat myself," she added.

The purchase comes after the entrepreneur complained that she couldn't fit in the back of her Bentley.

Earlier last year, Roxy added a Ferrari 488 Spider to her collection as a birthday present to herself.

Showing off the pricey new wheels, she took to Instagram to share her extravagant estimated $500,000 purchase.

Along with these luxury cars, Roxy boasts a Range Rover Supercharged, Mercedes GLC and an ultra-pricey McLaren 570GT in her collection.

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She also has over 30 Hermès Birkin handbags worth an estimated $1 million.

Roxy has also been snapped turning up to work in a $574,000 outfit including dazzling Nicholas Haywood jewels and items from Aquazzura and Dolce & Gabbana.

Among her favourite accessories is a 18ct white gold and diamond Cartier bracelet she bought in 2016 for $66,000.

But the Sweaty Betty Founder has always aimed to stand out.

She told Perth now of her success: "I knew if I was going to succeed, I had to be different and it worked."