Food news: Salmon pizza, homemade steamed buns and a Lewis Road Creamery degustation

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Friday, 22 September 2017, 4:09PM

Whether you're staying in or heading out, we've rounded up the best things to see, create and taste in the foodie world this weekend.




Eat brunch at Duck Duck Goose in Rosedale

The chicken burger at Duck Duck Goose. Photo / Doug Sherring



If you're looking for a new brunch spot this weekend why not try Duck Duck Goose Eatery in Rosedale.

Canvas reviewer Helen van Berkel gave the eatery a 3.5 star rating despite saying there was a lack of bacon on the menu. No bacon on a brunch menu? That must mean there are some equally delicious options available.

See the full review here.

Ostro, Auckland CBD

The king prawn salad at Ostro. Photo / Getty Images

Canvas writer Kim Knight popped by Ostro for a "grown-up" dinner, set in the surrounds of Auckland CBD's glitzy waterfront, but did she score them a perfect 10?

"My first thought was that Ostro was being a bit cheap when my king prawn salad ($24) arrived with the main attraction sliced vertically in half, but this dish was more than the sum of its parts.

"Buttery gem lettuce and a creamy (and surprisingly spicy) chipotle dressing contrasted texturally with cucumber, pumpkin seeds and slivers of crispy pork jowl. The prawns went with everything (and there were enough of them to go with everything)."

See Kim Knight's full review here.




Salmon pizza for one

Sarah Tuck's salmon pizza. Photo / Supplied

Some of the best things in life are simple and this pizza is one that makes the list.

Sarah Tuck of Stuck in the Kitchen blog has shared her salmon pizza recipe with Viva readers this week. And if you can't be bothered making the base, a thin-crust base from the supermarket makes the recipe even easier.

See the full recipe over on

Jordan Rondel's spiced banana and date loaf

Spiced banana and date loaf. Photo / Tam West

To coincide with the launch of her new cookbook, Little Bird Goodness, Megan May challenged four chefs to create a delicious plant-based dish. This is Jordan Rondel's incredibly moist and delicious loaf recipe.

See the recipe over on

Make your own steamed buns

Chef Angelo Georgalli shares a recipe for tasty steamed buns from his new cookbook, Angelo's Wild Kitchen. Photo / Sally Greer

TV star and chef Angelo Georgalli shares a simple yet delicious recipe for fresh buns from his new book, Angelo's Wild Kitchen.

See the recipe at




The power of no-wheat flour

There is a new gluten-free alternative for baking. Photo / Getty Images

There is an increasing array of flours that can be used as substitutes for wheat flours for people who require gluten- or grain-free diets, and a popular one that often pops up is almond flour. This may not be suitable for those with food sensitivities, and is clearly not good for anyone who is allergic to almonds.

Two other alternatives are breadfruit flour and plantain flour which are relatively new to the New Zealand market.

Find out more over on

How to avoid a hangover on cheap wine

A wine expert has revealed her tips on how to avoid a hangover on cheap wine. Photo / Getty Images

Has this ever happened to you? You want a wine but you're still a week away from pay day so you grab an $8 bottle from the supermarket and polish the bottle off, only to wake up with a throbbing headache and proclaim that you will never buy a cheap bottle again?

Well, don't change your wine habits just yet. Here is a list of things you can do to avoid that nasty hangover in the morning.

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The Chocolate and Coffee show

The Chocolate and Coffee show is on this weekend at The Cloud. Photo / Getty Images

It's that time again. The Chocolate and Coffee show has returned to The Cloud this weekend for a celebration of all things chocolate and coffee.

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Walking stall-to-stall your mouth will be watering at the sight of all the treats on offer. If you're not a chocolate fan, don't fret, there will be many more sweet treats for you to try.

You can even learn barista skills and try your hand at latte art or experience tea tasting in an exclusive workshop.

Head to their website for ticket information.

Lewis Road Creamery degustation

Head to Federal and Wolfe this weekend for Lewis Road-inspired desserts. Photo / Hundred Acre Food

If you didn't get the memo Lewis Road Creamery have this week released a new flavour: banana, using All Good organic bananas. The delicious addition to their line-up will appeal to people who want an authentic-tasting banana milk.

Get in stores as quick as you can though, because this one is limited edition.

If that wasn't enough Lewis Road goodness for you, Hundred Acre Food is hosting a degustation of LRC-inspired desserts at Federal and Wolfe this weekend.

For more information and tickets see here.