2019's first bizarre jeans trend has arrived

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Friday, 18 January 2019, 9:41AM

We're only a couple of weeks into 2019, but it looks like you can already say goodbye to the following horrendous trends in denim: baggy boyfriend jeans, plastic-panel-on-the-knee jeans, and jeans cut into chaps.

Why? Because there's a new ridiculous way to wear them, don't you know?

Inside out. Yep.

While it'd be fair to say the reigning trend has been a baggy jean that creates an everyday, effortless yet chic look, apparently in 2019, this is no longer enough.

Online fashion retailer Boohoo has released a pair for those of us looking to go from effortless to extra:

This, according to Boohoo, is achieved by bringing all the features ordinarily found on the inside of your jeans to the outside, so it looks just like when they've been hanging on your washing line.

The stitching lines are clear, the pockets are large and the lining is, well, a feature.

So if you subscribe to the "I don't even care enough to turn my jeans in the right way" kind of life, these are for you.

However, most shoppers have expressed their of the $50 jeans, saying this trend is a little too extra, it's "try-hard" and is probably never going to stick.

Before you start to wondering if you're just totally out of the loop with what's hip, fashion fans haven't responded to the design well either, criticising Boohoo.

Hayley Gwilliams shared a link to the pants on Facebook, declaring she was well and truly confused.

"Are we really that desperate for new fashion trends that we are now wearing inside out trousers?

"Am I just getting really old and totally uncool!"

Others added to the thread, saying they also thought they were a bit bizarre.

Gwilliam's Facebook friend Jenna Wake jokingly commented: "Your [sic] so uncool I have two pairs already!"

While Caroline Rockss said: "I am a regular inside out gal due to forgetfulness, poor time management, and general 'cannot be a***dness."

Boohoo shared the jeans on Twitter, tweeting: "In case you missed the memo, reverse stitched jeans are now a thing!"

But Twitter users didn't agree. "Abi" asked: "Why are Boohoo selling inside out jeans?

"Is this actually a thing or are their designers just f**king mental?"

As Boohoo is taken to task over their creation, we should note, they're not the first to sell inside out clothing.

Online luxury fashion platform, Farfetch, have Unravel Project reverse shorts, skirts and pants for sale, retailing for well over $1000.

Other high-end brands have also put out designs following the trend: in January 2018 Calvin Klein's inside out Road Runner-themed jumper retailed for $3209.