Westside star says baby 'felt right'

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Tuesday, 12 February 2019, 9:47AM
Dan Musgrove and Antonia Prebble. Photo / Instagram
Dan Musgrove and Antonia Prebble. Photo / Instagram

Antonia Prebble and her Westside co-star Dan Musgrove got engaged last year - and the happy couple has more exciting news to share.

The Auckland couple is expecting their first child together, according to Women’s Day.

"Having children was something I'd always imagined would be part of my life, but until recently, it always felt like it was far off in the future," Antonia confessed.

"Then suddenly, for both of us, it felt right. We were engaged, planning a future together and talking about starting a family. We were elated."

Antonia is in her second trimester, and says has suffered terrible morning sickness.

She starred in all six seasons of Outrageous Fortune, and can currently be seen on screens in the spin-off show Westside.

Congrats guys! We can’t wait to meet your little baby Westie!