Tracey from MAFS denies rumours: 'Do I look pregnant?'

Publish Date
Monday, 12 March 2018, 10:19AM

Yesterday, it was reported that controversial Married at First Sight Couple Tracey Jewel and Dean Wells were expecting a child together.

But Jewel has taken to Instagram to deny the rumours, telling Daily Mail Australia they were "not true".

"I do want more kids in my future but not right now," she told the publication.

On Instagram Stories, she posed in gym gear that showed off a toned tummy, and used the caption: "Do I look pregnant?"

The rumour was sparked by an NW report that suggested the couple, who remained together during their time on the top-rating reality show despite Wells trying to start a relationship with another contestant, were expecting their first child together.

"I loved being pregnant the first time and I can't wait to experience it again," Jewel, who already has a child from a previous relationship, told the publication.

Rumours had spread after Wells posted this photo of the pair doing media for the show, with Jewel's hand sitting on top of her stomach.

The pair's rocky romance has become one of the show's biggest talking points.

That's because Jewel chose to stay with Wells after he formed plans with fellow contestant Davina Rankin to leave each other's partners and start their own relationship.

"It's so hard when someone cheats on you," she said. "It's not a black or white situation. I wanted the penny to drop (and for him) to give us a chance."

But Jewel also said there was "a little bit of spite" involved in her decision to remain together.

"I'm obviously very forgiving, maybe too forgiving. Maybe if I knew then what I know now there would have been a different outcome."