The music video no one wants to see

Publish Date
Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 3:09PM

Warning: Music video contains graphic content.

Johnny Depp simulates a threesome with two models in pal Marilyn Manson's new music video for 'KILL4ME'.

The Hollywood legend can be seen getting extremely intimate with the girls played by Jocelyn Binder and Bailee Cowperthwaite in the X-rated promo for the track, which features on the shock rocker's latest record 'Heaven Upside Down'.

It's the second time the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor has starred in the 'Tainted Love' singer's video after the just-as explicit 'Say10'.

In 'KILL4ME', Depp also burnt Manson's underwear, which "embarrassed" him in front of the women.

Of the bizarre video, Marilyn recently said: "At the end, when you see the underwear burning, those are mine - and that's Johnny's lighter - he burnt my f***ing underwear!

"I was embarrassed to be nude in front of these two girls, Johnny too. We've been friends for so long but we don't sit around and look at each other's undercarriages."

The high-profile duo have been friends for nearly two decades and according to the 48-year-old star, they share much in common.

He added: "We were both white trash from hillbilly country, to use the vernacular, and sharpened our teeth in Florida."

Depp, 54, recently attracted negative headlines when he attended the premiere of his latest movie, the Sir Kenneth Branagh-directed 'Murder on the Orient Express', looking slightly worse for wear.

But Manson - whose real name is Brian Warner - thought his friend looked "handsome as f**k" on the red carpet.

He said: "The press said he looked worse for wear ... He looked handsome as f**k and I want to go on record saying that."