Rotorua mum gets gift from 'culinary idol'

Alice Guy,
Publish Date
Friday, 11 May 2018, 4:58PM

One Rotorua mum got a special Mother's Day gift from her culinary idol.

Marie Hyde is a big fan of New Zealand celebrity cook Annabel Langbein.

Langbein is travelling the country on a promotional tour for her new cook book Essential Volume Two and stopped at Bunnings Rotorua for a cooking demonstration.

Hyde said her builder husband let her know she was coming as part of Bunnings Mother's Day celebrations.

"She's a culinary idol and he knew I'd love to go."

When Langbein began the demonstration asking for a volunteer, Hyde put up her hand.

"No one else was, so I thought, why not."

The home cook then proceeded to steal the show, prepping finely chopped cabbage, adding ingredients and making sure everyone got the chance to try some of the food.

"I'm still reeling from it," Hyde said.

"It was so much fun and she was so nice. Just lovely to talk to and easy to have a bit of a joke with."

One of the recipes Langbein shared with the audience was for a rice paper roll.

"Mine was a disaster," Hyde said.

"I think the whole thing was great, though. I couldn't pick a favourite part - I enjoyed the whole lot."

Hyde said it was too late in life for her to have a career change but she'd definitely be experimenting more with meals for her family.

"It's given me a love of trying new things with food.

"Some of the stuff she used I would never have thought of, but it all just worked."

At the end of the night Hyde received a special gift from Langbein, her own copy of the book.

"It's something she has taken around the country with her," Hyde said.

"It's got all the scuff marks, torn pages and everything on it, it was awesome.

"I said I'd never be able to use it but even [Langbein's] husband said I've got to.

"It was such a cool night."