Neil Patrick Harris' cringe-worthy Twitter exchange

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Monday, 11 June 2018, 7:11PM

Neil Patrick Harris has left Twitter cringing after failing to recognise Rachel Bloom — despite having met the comedian several times.

Harris was live tweeting the Tony awards from his couch when he appeared to take issue with Bloom, who was acting as a roving reporter backstage at the event.

Neil Patrick Harris failed to recognise Rachel Bloom. Photo / Getty Images

The A Series Of Unfortunate Events star tweeted that he was "confused" by "the woman in the top hat".

"Gideon remarked that she says 'like' and 'oh my god' a lot," Harris added, referring to his seven-year-old son.

Bloom hit back quickly, awkwardly pointing out that she met Harris "numerous times"and was a "big fan".

To make matters worse, Bloom's husband Dan Gregor had worked on How I Met Your Mother for five years.

Rachel Bloom was quick to point out Neil Patrick Harris' mistake. Photo / AP

Unfortunately for Harris, his embarrassing slip up didn't go unnoticed by the internet, with Twitter users collectively cringing until he realised his mistake.

Bloom stole the spotlight at this year's Tony Awards, which honours the best of Broadway, before the ceremony even began.

The comedian turned heads on the red carpet, thanks to her T-shirt featuring composer Stephen Sondheim's face.

Like Harris, Bloom is an award-winning actor and singer who rose to fame on a TV sitcom.

Bloom is the writer and lead star of US comedy drama series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, winning a Golden Globe for best actor in 2016.