'My stiletto is four inches up his arse'

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018, 1:22PM

Craig McLachlan once detailed an explicit prank he played on Molly Meldrum in the Australian TV veteran's own autobiography.

Meldrum's memoir Ah Well, Nobody's Perfect: The Untold Stories, published in 2016, features an anecdote penned by McLachlan in which he recounts a time Meldrum filled in for Red Symons as narrator of The Rocky Horror Show in the early '90s.

Craig McLachlan as Frank N Furter and Bert Newton as the Narrator pose after performing during a Rocky Horror Show. Photo / Getty

McLachlan, who played lead character Frank N Furter in the show, wrote that he decided to play a prank on Meldrum mid-performance.

"At one stage during the show, I would fall behind the set, where I was hidden from the audience," he wrote.

"I couldn't help myself this night. As Molly was reading his piece, I glided my seven-inch stiletto heel on to the back of his trouser leg. By the time I got to his knee, the audience could see my shoe. I continued up … I located where I imagined his arsehole to be.

"Molly looked down ready to give me a good serve, but I had manipulated my dick out of my G-string and was wildly swinging my member. My stiletto is a good four inches up his arse and I'm whipping my member around," he continued.

Molly Meldrum in 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. Photo / Getty

"It was too much for Molly. He lost it and said, 'Craig, you are awful to me!'

"'I'm Frank-N-Furter, you idiot'," I hissed. 'If you're gonna lose it, at least stay in character!'"

"The scene was brought to an abrupt and immature end, but the audience was going off," McLachlan wrote.

McLachlan has vehemently denied allegations of sexual harassment and bullying by female cast members during the 2014 production of The Rocky Horror Show.

Christie Whelan-Browne, who played Janet in the production, claims McLachlan inappropriately touched her on stage during a sexually charged scene on a bed.

Erika Heynatz, who performed the role of Magenta, told ABC's 7:30 on Monday that McLachlan had kissed her, leaving her feeling shaky and unnerved.

Angela Scundi claims McLachlan subjected her to an unwanted and unscripted kiss during one scene and then turned on her when she confronted him.

Cast members from Rocky Horror Show. Photo / Getty

In an email to Fairfax Media, McLachlan said the claims are "baseless" and "they seem to be simple inventions, perhaps made for financial reasons, perhaps to gain notoriety".

"These allegations are ALL made up," he said.

Whelan-Browne told ABC's 7.30 on Monday she wasn't "doing this for notoriety".

"I don't want to be associated with Craig McLachlan the rest of my life. You don't do it for money. There is no money," she said.

"I've hired my own legal representation. I'm not being paid to be here. I risked my career. There is no money to be made. You do it for other women and for yourself."