Jared Leto's embarrassing mixup at MTV Awards

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017, 2:30PM

Jared Leto was mistaken for Jay Leno at the MTV EMAs.

The 'Suicide Squad' star looked less than impressed when MC Grindah joked it was nice to meet the 67-year-old TV presenter, before Rita Ora - who hosted the ceremony - corrected him.

Host Rita Ora speaks to Jared Leto of Thirty Seconds to Mars after the band won the award for Best Alternative on stage during the MTV EMAs 2017. Photo / Getty

Rita and Grindah were chatting off stage when she noticed Jared was next to them and said: "We're stopping Jared Leto from coming across, come on in, come and join the party."

Grindah then grabbed Rita's microphone and said: "I love Jay Leno, man, he's sick."

Rita then revealed his name is Jared and the 'Some People Just Do Nothing' star fist bumped the 'Dallas Buyers Club' actor, who asked: "What's your name?"

The comedian replied: "Grindah."

Jared then said: "Ah, OK, I'll get to know him."

Following the awkward encounter, the Hollywood star praised host Rita.

He told the crowd: "By the way, I just have to say, Rita Ora is doing an incredible job on the show tonight. You are amazing, thank you."

It was a successful night for Jared, whose band 30 Seconds To Mars triumphed in the Best Alternative category, and he thanked Europe for changing the group's lives in his acceptance speech, branding America "a land of immigrants".

He said: "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Europe, you have changed our lives. This is for you, this is about you and we stand here proudly on this stage tonight in celebration of you so thank you.

"We are Americans, a land of immigrants. We just want to say that we welcome you with open arms and with open hearts. We love you. God bless you. We hope to see you on tour. In March and April, we will be coming to the UK on tour."

Jay Leno appears on The Tonight Show. Photo / Getty

It was a busy night for Jared as he also presented U2 with the Global Icon Award at the spectacle, and thanked the Irish rockers for changing his life.

He said: "U2 changed my life. I discovered their seminal album 'The Joshua Tree' and it became the soundtrack of my youth ... U2 isn't just a band, it's a way of life. Their songs, our prayers, their concerts, a church. They challenge us, they inspire us and they remind us that every moment in our lives is an opportunity to rise above and be part of the possibilities of life, rather than its problems.

"They teach us it's OK to mix art and politics, and sometimes - even better - to start a revolution and say f**k you. 157 million records sold, 22 Grammys and the highest-grossing concert tour in the history of the world. One love, one blood, one life."