Golden Globes 2019: Why Jameela Jamil wore jeans under her dress

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Tuesday, 8 January 2019, 2:09PM

Jameela Jamil has a lesson for us all in how to look fabulous while secretly feeling super comfy and keeping warm.

Jamil stunned on the red carpet in a strapless, coral gown with floral embroidery, but what wasn't visible was possibly the best thing about her outfit.

On her way to the Golden Globes awards ceremony yesterday, The Good Place star shared her ingenious hack: Choose a dress big enough that you can wear jeans underneath.

Posting a video to Twitter, Jamil showed off her full ensemble, including the jeans she was wearing to combat the LA winter.

While clearly proud of her idea and obviously not afraid to let the world know - during the night her pants were spotted creeping out from below the full skirt of her dress.

Watch out Jameela! We see something peeping out underneath your dress. Photo / Getty Images

Similar to your mother telling you to always wear a jacket, it seems Jamil agrees an extra layer is far better than being caught out in the cold.