Fan asks for Ashton Kutcher's photo after star runs him over

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Thursday, 20 September 2018, 7:38PM

Ashton Kutcher accidentally hit a 19-year-old with his car.

According to TMZ, Leo Marenghi, was scootering along the sidewalk past Sunset Bronson Studios when the 40-year-old actor pulled out onto the road in his black Tesla.

The impact propelled the teenage nanny through the air and he crashed onto the concrete in the middle of the street, according to the Daily Mail.

Following the collision, Kutcher got out of his car and checked on the teen.

Other than a few bloody scrapes and bruises, Marenghi was fine and felt spunky enough to ask the Dude Where's My Car star for a photo.

The star obliged and they shared a moment, where he put his arm up.

Marenghi was on his way to pick kids up from school at the time of the accident, which explains the two additional scooters he had with him.

Kutcher is an investor in Bird scooters, a rival company to the type of two-wheeled transportation device the young nanny was riding.

The young man, Leo Marenghi, was scootering along the sidewalk passed Sunset Bronson Studios when the 40-year-old actor pulled out in his black Tesla. Photo / Instagram

Earlier this month, the No Strings Attached actor giving a talk at Tech Crunch Disrupt, a technology conference in San Francisco, when he grumped about the public backlash the devices have been receiving.

"This is like the simplest one of them all in so much as nobody wakes up in the morning, opens their front door and says, "God look at how many cars there are, they're parked everywhere."

"They are f***ing parked everywhere! There are cars parked everywhere! It's ridiculous! They're clogging the roads, they're making it impossible to get anywhere you want to go," Kutcher said.

"But boy do we open up the door and go "man there are scooters all over the place." Hold on, wait a second, this is aversion to change. And suddenly we go: Alright, we have to regulate the hell out of this because people are complaining. But nobody is complaining about the fact that there are cars everywhere."

Also during the conference, Kutcher revealed the advice his wife Mila Kunis, 35, gave him about how to handle #MeToo.

He revealed that the best advice he received so far was from his wife of three years who told him men should "shut up and listen."

"You know, the best advice that I got relative to this entire thing came from my wife, and she said, 'Men have had hundreds of years to solve this problem and to talk about this and figure it out and it's probably the best thing, at this point, for me to just shut up and listen for a little bit,'" he divulged at the conference.

He went on to admit that he feels his thoughts on the movement are hollow if he fails to "do" anything about it.

The actor explained that he is ready for action: "So hire more women, get busy making sure that there's equal pay for women within organizations, make sure that the companies that we invest in are thinking about this problem on day one, and continue to tell stories about the extraordinary women in history and in the world and going forward. I think … that's my baseline of what needs to be done."

Kunis, who famously voiced Meg on Family Guy, has yet to chime in her opinion on husband Ashton's comments.

She met the former husband of Demi Moore in the late nineties while still a teenager on the set of the sitcom That 70s Show. The pair reconnected in 2012 and married a few years later.