Details of Karl and Peter Stefanovic's secret Uber call finally revealed

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Monday, 19 March 2018, 9:38AM

Details of Karl and Peter Stefanovic's secret Uber phone call have finally been laid bare, with the driver revealing the brothers launched an extraordinary 45-minute attack on colleagues including Richard Wilkins, Georgie Gardner, Mark Burrows and Nine bosses.

The private phone call was recorded by an Uber driver while Peter and his wife, Today newsreader Sylvia Jeffreys, were in the back of his car late at night, speaking to his brother and fellow Nine Network celebrity Karl on speakerphone.

In this week's issue of New Idea, the driver denied reports he'd recorded the conversation, which is illegal, claiming instead that he simply remembered the details.

Peter Helliar talks with Karl Stefanovic at the 59th Annual Logie Awards at Crown Palladium on April 23, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. Photo / Getty

According to him, Nine's golden boy Karl — who reportedly earns $2 million a year — vented his frustration at new Today co-host Gardner, who he accused of "sitting on the fence" and not having enough opinions. The driver claims Karl became angry as he declared that she needed to "step up" if she "wanted to stay on the show."

It's also claimed that Karl complained that entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins was monopolising that space, and "kept all the entertainment contacts close to his chest."

The magazine also reported that his frustration wasn't limited to his colleagues. Karl reportedly also went into great detail about what was wrong with well-known shows such as 60 Minutes — which he claimed was suffering dwindling ratings — before pointing out that Nine bosses "didn't know anything and ... are out of touch."

During the trip, Peter complained at length that he "hated his job" and would often take it out on Jeffreys, claimed the driver.

The driver revealed Peter, who hosts Today Weekend and is a 60 Minutes reporter, was unhappy that his ideas were always rejected and that it was "sucking the life out of him". Karl reportedly responded that Peter needed to demand $60,000 from the network and "not to take no for an answer."

Peter also slammed veteran Nine journalist Mark Burrows, who he said looked down on him.

It's reported the driver was paid $50,000 for the story.

In an interesting twist, Peter — who is not a regular reporter for the weekday Todayshow — has joined Karl, Jeffreys, Gardner and Wilkins on Today this morning, reporting from bushfire-affected areas.

Another explosive bombshell dropped by the magazine is the fact that Karl's ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn called the police on the day of Karl's commitment ceremony to Jasmine Yarbrough earlier this month.

Two of the former couple's three children attended the event, but it's unclear what prompted the concerned phone call to authorities.

The Stefanovics both issued apologies over the weekend as speculation swirled about what exactly had been said during the conversation.

"We talk a hundred times a day and hardly ever about work," Karl said according to the Sunday Telegraph . "But we did, and the conversation was recorded. And we are sorry. I was angry with myself at first that I could be so stupid."

Peter also apologised for the conversation.

"I did a silly thing and feel awful for any embarrassment I've brought to my (Channel 9) colleagues, who I deeply ¬respect," he said.