Dave Grohl sculls beer then falls off stage

Publish Date
Friday, 11 January 2019, 11:23AM

Dave Grohl normally performs in stadiums, but he got a little flummoxed while playing a much smaller gig than he's used to.

The Foo Fighters front man was performing a corporate gig for the Consumer Electronics Show at The Joint in Las Vegas when he had a minor accident.

As Spin reported, Grohl was passed a can of beer by a fan during a guitar solo, which he downed, and then fell off the stage.

It happened during the first Foo Fighters show of 2019.

Grohl has a history of falling off stage after breaking his leg during a gig in Sweden in 2015.

The injury forced the Foos to cancel tour dates, but Grohl returned to the stage, performing from a giant Game of Thrones-inspired chair while his leg healed.

Watch the full clip below: